40 Things I Want To Tell You


Last weekend I had a baby. He’s my third child and I spent the week wondering at him. I also read lots of books while he slept on me and watched some terrible, terrible movies. Writers get to spend time watching movies and telling themselves it’s ‘work/research.’ I started this week with a huge pile of emails and then, top of the email list, much to my delight, was the news that my novel 40 Things I Want to Tell You has been named a CLA Honour Book. Here’s the press release.

All this book and baby talk got me thinking about a writing prompt for you to try. So, here goes.

Use this opening to write a story or personal essay:

When she opened the door, there on the doorstep was….



40 Things Blog Tour Wrap Up

(From The Savvy Reader:)

The 40 Things Blog Tour

Here’s an update on the 40 Things Reviews & Writing Tips Tour!

The Reviews…

1. “Dear Alice Kuipers, where have you been all my life?” – Wendy at A Cupcake and a Latte. Read her full review here.

2. “I was utterly impressed by this touching and remarkable story, and I honestly believe that it’s one of those rare ones that will really stick with you and leave a lasting impression.” – Brenna at Esther’s Ever After. Read her full review here.

3. “40 Things I Want to Tell You, is an captivating and hard hitting read, that contemporary fans are sure to enjoy.” – Christa at Christa’s Hooked on Books. Read her full review here.

4. “When I read a book that touches me, really touches me, I always finish it, close the cover, lay my hand over it, and just sit.  Sometimes I just re-immerse myself in the story, sometimes I weep, sometimes I wonder how the characters managed, sometimes I ponder the title and the cover.  With 40 Things I Want To Tell You by Alice Kuipers, I did it all.” – Helen at CanLit for LittleCanadians. Read her full review here.

… And the Writing Tips from Alice Kuipers!

1. Writing What You Know, at A Cupcake and a Latte

2. Reasons to Write, at Esther’s Ever After

3. Writing Character Names, at Christa’s Hooked on Books

4. Writer’s Block, at CanLit for LittleCanadians

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For more information on 40 Things I Want to Tell You, click here.